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Bail Bond Services

Late-night phone calls are often made from the authorities after an unfortunate arrest had been made. These phone calls can lead to immediate concern and panic for all parties involved. After someone is arrested, booked, and charged, the state will issue a specific dollar amount required for bail. Depending on the crime that was committed or charged, bail might not be available. Common arrests are driving while under the influence, disorderly conduct, possession of illegal drugs, theft, or disputes involving domestic violence. Most people do have the option to bail out of jail with help from a bail bond agent. Here are a few tips on using 24-hour bail bonds services after you have been charged. 

Bail bonds are detailed agreements where the bail bond agent puts up the bail assessed after an arrest. Within the bail bond contract, the terms are given for the agent pledging the money. The bail bond often will accept an asset as security that the individual will show up on their assigned court date. Examples of acceptable assets for bail bond agent services are stocks and bonds, residential or commercial property, boats, RV's, line of credit on a credit card, cash in an account, or personal vehicles of the person who was arrested. Smaller items that are pledged as collateral are usually kept on the premises of the bail bond agent. 

When family members or friends bail someone out of jail, they lose possession of their item until the case is completed. 24-hour bail bonds ensure the fastest form of release from jail. The amount charged for bail bond agent services is always a percentage that is stated in the signed contract. Having someone who understands how the law works and how to avoid further loss due to the arrest is important. Reach out to the bail bond agent anytime circumstances change, and the bond needs to be reinstated. Examples are getting sick or hospitalized and not being able to physically go to the court date. The agent is usually open to assist further to ensure they help their clients not be returned to jail. 

Getting arrested does not have to be a reason to sit in jail until a scheduled day in court. This gives time to plan for the upcoming court date, secure legal representation, and take care of personal responsibilities. Use these tips when quickly obtaining help using bail bond agent services.