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The Differences Between Posting A Bail Yourself Versus Using A Bail Bonds Company

If you or a loved one have been arrested, and given the ability to post bail, there are two ways in which bail can be posted. The first way to post bail is to pay the bail amount through the courts or the jailhouse, depending on your city or county. The other way is to have a bail bonds agency post bond on your behalf. If this is your first time posting bail, you may wonder what the differences are between the two. Here are some of the most notable differences. 

The Cost

One of the major differences between posting bail yourself and allowing a bail bonds company to post bail for you is the cost. When you post bail yourself, you must pay the full bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $5,000, you must pay $5,000 to the courts or the jail in order to get out of jail. A bail bond company posts the bail on your behalf for a fraction of the cost. In most states, bail bonds companies charge 10 percent to post bail for your loved one. So, for a $5,000 bail, you would have to pay a bail bonds company $500.

The Restrictions

Another major difference between posting bail yourself versus using a bail bonds company is the restrictions. When you are released on bail, the courts may place restrictions on you. If you post bail yourself, you only have to worry about court-imposed restrictions. A bail bonds company can require you to follow additional restrictions. If you use a bail bonds company, you have to also follow their restrictions. This increases the restrictions you may be placed on when bailing out of jail. 

Your Ability to Get Bond Back

The final notable difference between posting bail yourself versus using a bail bonds company is your ability to get your bail back. When you post bail yourself, you will receive all of your bail back at the completion of the trial or sentencing. This is true regardless of whether you are found innocent or guilty. If you use a bail bonds company, you are not able to get your money back under any circumstance, even if you are found not guilty.

Posting bail on your own is pricey, which is why most people utilize bail bonds services for posting bail. If you are looking to post bail on behalf of yourself or a loved one, contact a bail bonds agency today to learn what steps you need to take to begin the process. The faster you start, the faster you or your loved one will get out of jail.