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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Bail Bondsman

When you need the help of a bail bondsman, you'll likely want to get through the process as quickly as possible. It's important, though, to ask some questions about the process and the company you'll be dealing with. Taking a moment to pose these 5 question may help you avoid misunderstandings in the long run.

Do I Need a Bail Bonds Company?

The system does not explicitly require you to hire a firm to post bail. Bail bonds required by courts, however, are often expensive enough that people may need assistance putting together the necessary money. You can post bail with your own cash if you do have it and are willing to part with a large chunk at once.

Why is Bail Required?

Bail is not required to be posted in a number of cases. The court has the right to require it in circumstances where there are concerns about the likelihood that an individual might not appear for a hearing. The money functions as an incentive to encourage all required court appearances.

Is Bail Forfeited Upon Conviction?

The requirement of bail has nothing to do with the innocence or guilt of an individual accused of a crime. If you make all your appearances for a hearing and are then either found guilty or submit a guilty plea, you will have your bail money returned. Bail may be revoked if an individual commits a crime after they've been released or if they refuse to comply with a court order in the case.

In a case where a company posted a surety on behalf of a person, the money will be returned to the firm. You will, in such circumstances, still have to pay the bail bonds business.

Can I Be Jailed for Not Paying the Company?

Bail bonds are considered a type of loan, and you cannot be charged with a crime in relation to failure to pay unless you committed fraud in representing your ability to pay the loan. Failing to pay the loan back in full will, however, lead to a civil proceeding where the court may order you to pay up.

How Soon Can I Post Bail?

Following the first available day of court, you'll have a chance to request bail. If it is granted, you will be able to post it immediately. Release on bail is usually obtained about 6 to 8 hours following payment.