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Need Cash Fast? Use What You Already Have

What do you do when you need cash fast? Look around, you are probably surrounded by items that can be sold to give you a little money in your pocket. So, how do you turn your stuff into cash? Here are some quick easy ways to do it.

Auction Items Through eBay

This is probably the most popular option available. You can find just about anything (within legal limits) in any condition on eBay. And because it has such a large audience, there is probably someone willing to buy what you have. One of the drawbacks of eBay is that you will be competing with a huge pool of sellers. You will have to put in some work; from taking pictures, to coming up with a description. You also have to calculate how much it's going to cost you to pack and ship your items.  And don't forget, both eBay and PayPal charge you a little of everything you sell. So make sure you factor these things into your calculations.

Sell Items on Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular local option. You don't have to put in as much work to put up an ad and calculate costs as you would with eBay, but you still have to take pictures and come up with a good description. You also have to answer emails and eventually meet with your buyer, which can be a little iffy at times.

Give OfferUp a Try

OfferUp is a phone app which gives you a similar experience to Craigslist. It is for local selling, but it seems to be a little more user friendly. Items also seem to sell better and faster at higher prices than Craigslist. It's definitely worth a try.

Visit Local Pawn Shops

In this digital age, people tend to forget about the good old pawn shop. They are still an option for getting some money for your stuff. You can actually use pawn shops in a way you can't with your online options. Pawn shops will give you small loans for your stuff, which means you can get it back if you are not ready to sell it. Just realize it is a loan, and you will have to pay it back with interest. Selling your stuff at a pawn shop is also an option, although you may not get the best price as you are selling it to a retailer. It is probably the easiest way to pawn diamond rings and walk out with money in your pocket that day. Pawn a diamond ring, a musical instrument, or some of your (current) electronics. 

If you need some cash and have some stuff, give one of these options a try. If you like it, some of these can actually become full time businesses. So you'll always have cash on hand.